Cisco: Customer journey solutions


Gone are the days of “one-size-fits-all” contact centers. Customers expect faster responses, personalized service and increased availability. They want service when and how they need it. Personalized care is now the rule, not the exception. The Cisco sales team needed a strong explainer video to quickly emphasize the customer journey. We chose an approachable color palette with simple graphics and elegant motion to make the video more digestible and easier to understand.


Client: Cisco
Studio: Dash
Producer & Director: Mack Garrison
Art Director: Cory Livengood
Illustration: Jay Brown
Animation: Matt Jameson
Music & Sound Design: The Chicken


Below are some additional images from the production process.

Cisco 01-01.png
Cisco 07_MJ-01.png
Cisco 08-01.png
Cisco 10-01.png